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The Etruscan Smile

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The Etruscan Smile

An Arthur Cohn Production
Directed by Oded Binnun and Mihal Brezis
107 minutes
USA. 2018. In English.
Starring Brian Cox, Rosanna Arquette, Thora Birch, JJ Feild, Peter Coyote, Treat Williams

Winner of Best Film at the 2018 Montreal World Film Festival and the 2018 Stony Brook Film Festival, along with Best Cinematography and Best Ensemble at the 2018 Boston Film Festival.

Rory MacNeil, a rugged old Scotsman, reluctantly leaves his beloved isolated Hebridean island and travels to San Francisco to seek medical treatment. Moving in with his estranged son, Rory’s life will be transformed, just when he expects it least, through a newly found love for his baby grandson. The Etruscan Smile - the feature debut of Israeli filmmakers Oded Binnun and Mihal Brezis - is based on the bestselling book "La sonrisa etrusca" by Spanish author Jose Louis Sampedro, with the story being transposed to Scotland and the United States. The heart of the film is another unforgettable role by actor Brian Cox. (Haifa International Film Festival)

“Grips your heart, and leaves it shivering, smiling, and full of love.”
– Norbert Körzdörfer, BILD

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Select Festivals & Awards

- 2018 Boston Film Festival, USA: Best Cinematography and Best Ensemble Cast
- 2018 Montreal World Film Festival, Canada: Special Grand Prize of the Jury Best Film
- 2018 Stony Brook Film Festival, USA: Grand Prize Best Film
- 2018 Rhode Island International Film Festival, USA: Best Feature
- 2018 Naples International Film Festival, USA: Best Narrative Feature
- 2018 Chicago Film Festival, USA
- 2018 Haifa International Film Festival, Israel

Producer Arthur Cohn

Eleanor Roosevelt once observed that “...the world belongs to the person brave enough to believe in the beauty of his dreams“. She could easily have been talking about the Swiss born, international filmmaker, Arthur Cohn, who has come to realize his dreams on screen for a worldwide audience over nearly four decades. All this while accumulating an astonishing six Academy Awards in recognition of his work – more than any other independent producer - and giving us film classics such as The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, Central Station, One Day in September and The Chorus. Interestingly, and unlike many filmmakers whose best work is mostly concentrated within a particularly fertile period of their careers, Cohn’s projects have earned him time and again Oscar recognition and top prizes in the most respectable film festivals, reflecting over five decades of virtuosity and continuous quality filmmaking.

Directors Mihal Brezis & Oded Binnun

Mihal Brezis and Oded Binnun are Academy Awards nominees for their short film Aya (nominated for “Best Live Action Short” in 2015). Aya has garnered exceptional recognition when being released commercially in theaters, stand-alone as a short, to audience and critical success. Their previous short films won over 40 international awards in festivals worldwide and were acquired by leading international broadcasters. The Etruscan Smile is their first full length feature film.



Sun., Dec. 16, 2018 at 8:00 PM
US West Coast Premiere
Closing Night Film

Janet Leigh Theatre, Stockton



Narrative Feature Film

Directors: Oded Binnun, Mihal Brezis
Screenwriters: Michael Mcgowan, Michal Lali Kagan, Sarah Bellwood
Producer: Arthur Cohn
Cinematographer: Javier Aguirresarobe
Editor: Roberto Silvi
Music: Frank Ilfman

Permission: Arthur Cohn

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