San Joaquin International Film Festival
Lightkeeper's Story

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The Lightkeeper's Story

Directed by Paul Bestolarides (Filmmaker in Attendance)
8 minutes.

USA. 2018. In English.
Starring Ray Medved, Trey Van Dyke, Trevor Grimes, Mark Ludwig

A lighthouse keeper discovers a boy washed ashore near his cliff-side home. Both characters help each other out during the wartime struggles that threaten their identity.

Local Connection: Director/Screenwriter Paul Bestolarides was born in the San Joaquin city of Stockton, California.

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Select Festivals & Awards

- 2018 Top Shorts International Film Festival, USA: Best Director and Best Fantasy Short Film
- 2018 Los Angeles Film Awards: Best Score and Best Fantasy Film
- 2018 Imaginarium Convention Festival: Best Short Film Overall

About the Director

Independent Filmmaker Paul D. Bestolarides was born in Stockton, California. He is a Writer Director and Adjunct Professor at San Joaquin Delta College.



Sun., Dec. 16, 2018 | 5:30 PM
In Shorts Two
Northern California Premiere

Janet Leigh Theatre, Stockton



Narrative Short Film

Director: Paul Bestolarides
Screenwriter: Paul Bestolarides
Producer: Paul Bestolarides
Editor: Paul Bestolarides
Cinematographer: Michael Thygesen
1st Assitant Director: Ari Figueroa
Costumes/Make-up: Linda Whiteman
Soundtrack: Steve Wright
Audio: Robert Kennedy,
Assistant Camera: Jeff Hook

Permission: Paul Bestolarides



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